“WeRunMPLSer of the Month” is a series we write to introduce the faces that make WeRunMPLS so special. Our core is community; it was the motivation behind starting WeRunMPLS, is the foundation for every time we meet and is what guides all our decisions. Hope you enjoy!

Tell us your name + how you found out about WeRunMPLS.

Hello! My name is Megan Zieske. I found out about WeRunMPLS through a friend of mine who had a great experience running with WeRunMPLS. He knew I was looking for a casual running club where I could contemplate life’s greatest questions (f.e. determining the best Pop Tart flavor) while simultaneously logging a few miles.

Where is your favorite place to run?

I love running in the middle of any city. I love that I can take running anywhere I go.

What’s been your favorite night of WeRunMPLS (so far!)?

My favorite night of WeRunMPLS was on a non-WeRunMPLS night, the night before Grandma’s Marathon. I had dropped the ball on getting a hotel room for the race, and was going to stay 90 minutes away at a relative’s home. Instead, Mike and Sandy opened their Duluth “city cabin” to me and other WeRunMPLSers (and cheerleaders). I felt so lucky to be part of a group of amazing, positive people with unique backgrounds, stories, and brilliant advice on how to deal with the occasional bear. That night made me realize how supportive this group really is.

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Tell us your top 5 interests.

  1. Running – running has been with me through every important part of my life. I feel like if I’m able to run the miles I set my mind to, then everything in life feels that much better. You/I never regret going for a run. 

  2. Playing guitar and piano – I love playing music for people and used to perform at open mic nights. Now, it’s my puppy, Darla, that gets to hear the BA renditions of Coldplay and Jack Johnson.

  3. Cutting up Fruits and vegetables – the only cooking skill I have.

  4. Biking – anyone that knows me is well aware that I shouldn’t be allowed on the road in a car. MPLS is the perfect city for me since I can get to any farmers market (see #3 above), patio, and park without ever having to focus on which pedal is the break and which is the accelerator.

  5. Live Music – Going to concerts, especially outside.

What’s your favorite thing about WeRunMPLS?

Besides the dad jokes, and endless discussions about food, I’d definitely say the people. I’m inspired by the runners every Thursday. They all come to the group for different reasons, with different stories, and from places near and far – and yet, everyone welcomes everyone and is open to simply chatting to each other and supporting every persons’ individual running goals.

Favorite running quote?

A former running partner continually said this to me [about marathon training]:

“You’ve already accomplished something when you cross the start line.”

One random fact everyone should know about you.

Thanks to WeRunMPLS, I now know Little Debbie and Hostess snacks are not the same.

Anything we didn't cover?

Religion, politics, and horse-sized ducks… but those can wait for a Saturday long run ;)