“WeRunMPLSer of the Month” is a series we write to introduce the faces that make WeRunMPLS so special. Our core is community; it was the motivation behind starting WeRunMPLS, is the foundation for every time we meet and is what guides all our decisions. Hope you enjoy!


Tell us your name + how you found out about WeRunMPLS.

Aaron Sykes - WeRunMPLS was recommended through a friend. I was looking for a running club, and WeRunMPLS has everything I was hoping for.

Where is your favorite place to run?

Any trail. The excitement of not knowing whats around the next corner gets me. Favorite route is outside of Colorado Springs - Manitou Incline up + Bar Trail down. Absolutely vicious physically and mentally.

What’s been your favorite night of WeRunMPLS (so far!)?

"All of them" is pretty cliche, but each run is great for their own reasons. The company, conversation, pace, and Mother Nature make every run different. Most memorable were the weeks leading up to the Twin Cities races - the energy was palpable.

Tell us your top 5 interests.

  1. Aviation - HUGE avgeek
  2. Climbing
  3. Learning anything
  4. Fitness
  5. Art - tryin to get back into it :)

What’s your favorite thing about WeRunMPLS?

The vibe is super cool. Collectively - everyone is open, friendly, helpful and encouraging.  Individually - the members are super inspiring. Everyone is running their race.

Favorite running quote?

"When your legs get too tired, you run with your heart." - a sign on TC route

Actually any of the marathon spectator signs.

One random fact everyone should know about you.

My first car was a 1954 Nash. My sister and I thought it was haunted because the horn would randomly beep. But it seemed to beep more when driving near old farms.