Accountability is important in any sort of training. It takes other people motivating you, checking in with you and making sure you got your butt out there in order to accomplish your goals. That’s why community is so important. And that’s why we exist. We started this group in 2014 as a way to 1) build community + introduce new people to each other, and 2) motivate people to either try running or stick to it. So, in the spirit of accountability, we’re posting our top 5 2016 goals here – hold us accountable for them this year!

  1. Build partnerships. We’ve been talking about and talking with people for awhile about establishing a partnership(s). But we’re picky. We want to find the right people who get us + we get them. It’s like dating, really. We aren’t ready to share any hints about who we’re hoping to team up with just yet, but our goal is to solidify + share in 2016!
  2. Branded Apparel. At our one-year party we asked people if they wanted/would wear #WeRunMPLS gear. Every single person there said yes + signed up for more information. And we haven’t forgotten about it. We’ve started talks with a few awesome apparel companies + we’re excited about the possibilities. 2016 is the year for WeRunMPLS gear!
  3. Long-run Saturdays. Last year a desire for long-run Saturdays was shared. This year they will happen. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we’ll likely meet up for long runs once a month (especially in the spring/summer). If you’re training for a race or just trying to log longer miles, this will be a great opportunity to be stretched and pushed a bit, as well as a chance to find more buddies to keep you company.
  4. Events. We’ve tossed around the idea of other outside events a few times (and have even tried them out once or twice). At the beginning of WeRunMPLS a few people went rock climbing one night. And last winter we all signed up for a race together. We’ll be doing more WeRunMPLS events + group races this year. Be on the lookout!
  5. Growth. We don’t care about numbers for the sake of numbers because every single face that shows up on Thursday nights is important to us. But to truly establish + build community, we want to keep inviting people into the group. We have a few ideas on how to switch things up to make it easier for people to run with us + make new runners more comfortable trying us out.

We could easily write “stay tuned” after each one of these goals, so please do! And please check in with us, tell us about the things you care about/hope to see + always share if there’s anything we could do better.

We’ll also be sending out a survey in early January to understand what you want, what you like, what we could do better. But, we ALWAYS welcome your feedback so please share freely. You can drop us a note anytime at WeRunMPLS@gmail.com.

Cheers to another great year + great running.
Kaitlyn + Jen