Meet Kaitlyn!

We wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know a few fun facts about us + hear a little bit more about WHY we decided to create a group like this. So, check it out! Meet Kaitlyn:

What’s your favorite place to run in MPLS?

My favorite place to run in MPLS is around the lakes (Harriet, Calhoun, Isles). I know it’s a popular/busy spot to go, but that’s half the reason I love it. There’s a community there – people smiling at you, saying hello or encouraging you just by being out there doing the same thing you are! Plus, how cool is it that we have lakes in our city? Pretty stinkin’ cool, if you ask me.

Top 5 interests – go!

Coffee, fashion, sports (specifically hockey), reading, most things athletic (running, biking, not swimming), but not in any particular order (I’m the worst at choosing favorites or ranking things I like).

Best place you’ve traveled to? Why?

Trinidad. It wasn’t a “just for fun” trip but I met some incredible people (both people who live there and people I traveled with). I think I chose this trip because it was the most out-of-my-comfort-zone experience I’ve ever had.

Favorite thing about MPLS (in general)?

I love how small it is; I love knowing I have the opportunity to run into people I know almost everywhere I go. AND, we have so many great things to do, see, taste, experience. (See? Worst. That is more than one favorite.)

What motivated you to start WeRunMPLS?

The company I work for recently bought the Miami Marathon. I went down there to check it out and discovered this amazing run club Frankie Ruiz (founder of the Miami Marathon) started in Florida. So, I got all inspired, came back and mentioned it to Jen and then we put our own spin on it. Yes, we will run. Yes, it will be a workout. But this run club is really about connecting people and building a community. If you’re looking for expert advice – don’t ask us! We just like to run, eat and be around awesome people.

How is WeRunMPLS different from other run clubs?

I kind of already got into this, but it’s first and foremost about community. Who doesn’t want to meet a whole bunch of running buddies and try great food?

Favorite quote? Why?

Still the worst at favorites. But maybe “change demands courage” (space150). Because really, life is about being courageous, facing into challenges/opportunities and continuing to make progress.

Any last thoughts…

JOIN US! It will be so much fun, even if you’re not a runner (or don’t want to be one). I promise. Also, you can connect with me here: @kaitcox