Meet Jen!

We wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know a few fun facts about us + hear a little bit more about WHY we decided to create a group like this. So, check it out! Meet Jen:

What’s your favorite place to run in MPLS?

Over the Stone Arch Bridge and along the Mississippi River because I love looking at the MPLS sky scape.

Top 5 interests – go!

Traveling, baseball stadiums, going up North in the summer, cooking, skiing and, of course, spending time with family & friends.

Best place you’ve traveled to?

Safari in Tanzania, Africa.

Favorite thing about MPLS (in general)?

I love that you can be active outside all year long.

What motivated you to start WeRunMPLS?

I think people in MPLS like the best of all worlds; being active, being social and trying new food.  This is an opportunity to try all these in one night!

How is WeRunMPLS different from other run clubs?

WeRunMPLS is a combination of being active and social while enjoying the best trails and restaurants of MPLS. The perfect combination for a Thursday night!

Favorite quote? Why?

I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”

Any last thoughts…

Can’t wait for everyone to be a part of this!