“WeRunMPLSer of the Month” is a monthly series we created to introduce the faces that make WeRunMPLS so special. We say this a lot – our core is community; it was the motivation behind starting WeRunMPLS, is the foundation for our meet ups and is what guides all our decisions. Hope you enjoy!

Meet David! David is one of our newer members and we’re so happy to have him! After moving back to the Twin Cities, he started running with us + has been part of WeRunMPLS ever since. Read on to learn more + join us at WeRunMPLS soon to meet David and other WeRunMPLSers.

Tell us your name + how you found out about WeRunMPLS.

My name is David Kingsbury and first discovered WeRunMPLS via the local Twitter running community (where I’m @kingsbury). I love following local running stores, organizations like Twin Cities in Motion and individual runners on Twitter, who help me stay motivated by reading their tweets about mileage, routes and races. From 2010 until last October, I commuted weekly from the Twin Cities to northern Minnesota for work, so I was never able to join the WeRunMpls Thursday runs. In November, I started a new job in downtown Minneapolis at the new Vikings stadium and have made almost every route since.

Where is your favorite place to run?

Most of my regular training happens around the usual suspects: Nokomis, Harriet, Calhoun and Isles. For longer runs, I’ll also throw in Minnehaha Creek, the Mississippi River and the Greenway. I just love running in Minneapolis – it’s beautiful, there are usually lots of other happy, friendly runners to keep you company and those loops have many places to stop for water and bathroom breaks (at least for three of the seasons). For trail running, Lebanon Hills on the Eagan/Apple Valley border is amazing. It’s like being back in the Northland, with gorgeous loops around water, tall trees, elevation changes and occasional wildlife to surprise you. I could do without the snakes, however.

What’s been your favorite night of WeRunMPLS (so far!)?

They have all been fun, but I especially liked the ones that included good food afterwards. Running is my excuse to eat out way more than I should, so it’s nice to find a group that shares an interest in both worlds. I’ve also enjoyed the routes around the Stone Arch Bridge, as I usually don’t run much in that part of town on my own.

Tell us your top 5 interests.

1) Family – especially my two high school daughters

2) Marathons – 25 and counting (Grandma’s up next, but also thinking about some trail ultras this year)

3) Other sports – especially golf, skiing and mountain biking

4) Writing, photography and web publishing – particularly at my personal site, 7minutemiles.com

5) Food and music – does it get any better than a great meal before heading to an awesome show?


What’s your favorite thing about WeRunMPLS?

When I’m with my family and we see a runner go by, they always say “there goes one of your people.” I’ve always felt runners are a special group that share a common bond and WeRunMpls has been a great opportunity to re-connect with this local community now that I’m back in the Twin Cities full-time. I hope the group continues to grow in 2016 and I look forward to running more new routes. And, of course, any and all food…

Favorite running quote?

I’ve never really had a favorite running quote, but I do like this one that is usually attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

One random fact everyone should know about you. 

My personal website is named after the pace I need to run to qualify for the Boston Marathon. My PR is still about 18 minutes too high, but at least I would have qualified as a 60-year-old male.