On our gratitude list this year, we’re focusing first and foremost on community. The people surrounding you in life are what makes life wonderful, and we’re so happy WeRunMPLS fosters relationships just like that – those where you can’t wait to see people at the next run, where you plan activities outside of Thursday nights. And, because we believe relationships and community are so important, we won’t be meeting on Thursday, November 26 (aka Thanksgiving) because we’ll be with our families! So, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, surround yourselves with anyone you consider family and we’ll see you again on December 3.

We have three runs planned in December. Will they be chilly? Probably. Will there be snow? Most likely. Will you have fun? Absolutely. We can’t wait to really get into winter running again this year – we had such a solid, dedicated group last year and this winter will be no different. Stock up on extra layers during your post-Thanksgiving shopping madness, lace up your shoes and get yourself to WeRunMPLS this December. Routes coming soon!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Kaitlyn & Jen